Truth and Honesty

"True Budo is selfless; there is no room on the mat for selfishness!!"

"The practice of Aiki is a personal journey of self-discovery which hopefully brings out the best of people!!"

Our Journey

These are values that we strongly adhere to. As an instructor I have striven to be honest to my students at all times, only teaching techniques that are true and that will work effectively if called upon. I ask all our students to be both truthful and honest when they train as they will only fool themselves into being some one they are not. We are a "family" and work together to help each other achieve our martial goals!!



We do not teach you how to fight; we teach you how to defend yourself if attacked and how to achieve a confidence that serves you well in all aspects of modern life. Aikido is a self-defence martial art in its basic form but gives so much more if you commit yourself to its study.


By having two International Aikikai recognised Dan grades in our membership, one of whom is a BAB certified instructor, we offer a proven teaching method for traditional Aikido. This, along with a friendly and approachable membership, offers an idea learning environment where safety is of upmost importance.


Aikido is for everyone.